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I'm a sole proprietor and the guy doing the work. Many businesses have had difficult experiences in the past with large marketing agencies and design firms — there's the account executive who you're suppose to communicate with but seems to be replaced every two months, you never get the opportunity to meet with the creatives actually doing the work, and sometimes they neglect to truly care about your project as they chase bigger fish to help pay for their large office space and overhead.

If we work together, I'm the one who answers the phone, handles the work, and stays focused on your projects.


I know web technologies. I know how to combine a beautiful front-end design (that drives users to take your desired actions) with efficient back-end coding — plus the ability to manage the development process from conception to completion. No two projects are the same and finding the right recipe for success is very exciting.

Avoid the increased costs, disparate approaches, and lost opportunities that occur while working with a large agency or multiple contractors.

As a relationship-oriented digital marketer, I work with clients to become an extension of your team — effectively developing a holistic view based on raw data, business goals, and user actions. My priority is to focus on your goals, develop a seamless user experience for your customers, and maximize ROI. We'll collaborate together to produce the best results.


I communicate well. I'm not a scary, anti-social developer; I've met with and won over difficult customers and co-workers. I've given presentations to both technical and nontechnical audiences. I pay attention to grammar and spelling in my e-mails, and I'm diplomatic when dealing with difficult situations.

In life and at work, I'm friendly, mellow, calm under pressure, and really hard to offend. I am explicitly non-religious about languages, editors, and indentation styles. I hang out with current and former co-workers, and we don't just talk about work.


Success comes from mastering organizational and technical constraints instead of ignoring them. It also comes from listening patiently to clients and digging deeper — instead of clinging to our first few catchy ideas, I am always open to new and different approaches. Years of real world experience, working in teams and solo, have taught me to always listen and in the end, make the hard decisions to develop the right product.

I've had massive success through forming long-term client and agency relationships, which has meant that about 70% of all new business has been through referrals.

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