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Google Ads™ is an excellent way to reach users. Bring qualified traffic to your website to promote your services or products. Reach users via Google Search, the Google Search Partners Network, Remarkteing, YouTube, Shopping, and App stores. As a Certified Google Partner I have the skills, knowledge, and experience to promote your business across the web and produce real results for leads, purchases, brand awareness, and more.

Full-Service Monthly Management

Dedicated Account Management

Engage in and get the most from multiple campaigns while you focus on running your business. I create custom campaigns, manage the account, advise on budgets, and consult on how your campaigns fit into your overall marketing/ advertising efforts.

Campaign Triage

Already running a campaign?

Stop wasting money and take your campaigns to the next level. Have the advantage of a seasoned Certified Google Partner reviewing and advising your campaigns.

An excellent job optimizing our Google Ads™ campaigns and increasing our CTRs."

Sperry Tents Hamptons

I can't speak highly enough of Chris and the Google Ads™ operation he is running."

AquaPoint.3, LLC

Having Chris oversee Google [Ads™] is a huge help and relief. He's looking out for my business in the world of Google."

Platemark Design

Why Engage in Google Ads™ Campaigns?

Leads & Sales

Reach the right users at the right moment. Engage users when they're looking to make a purchase or hire your company.


Track the returns gained from your campaigns. The resulting lead generation and sales can be thoroughly tracked.


Retarget users who have visited your website whether they came from your campaign or organic search.

Brand Awareness

Introduce your company to new users via Display and/ or YouTube campaigns.

Types of Google Ads™ Campaigns

 Search Campaigns

Target users when they search or the Google Search Partner Network on websites like Yahoo!, Ask, Excite, and thousands more.

 Display Campaigns

Show Ads on websites like The New York Times, mobile apps, or relevant websites related to your desired user's interests.

 YouTube Campaigns

Promote your videos with engaging YouTube Ads. With Ad Sequencing your users see a complete message across multiple videos and not just the same video over and over.

 Shopping Campaigns

Show your product to users actively looking to make a purchase.

 App Campaigns

Promote your mobile iOS and Android apps. Increase app downloads AND in-app engagements like ordering or purchases.

 Local Campaigns

Drive foot traffic to your physical store. Target users down the street looking for a restaurant, hair salon, etc.

I'm the expert who other "experts" call when they need Google Ads™ help.

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Campaign Design & Management Services


Account Architecture

The structure of your account is very important. I know how to structure the account to maximize ROI / ROAS, budget, logic, and scalability.

Keyword Research

We'll talk about your desired keywords and discover new opprotunities in order to bring in the releveant traffic you want. Matching types are very important as well as making sure you don't pay for words that are irrelevant.

Ad Copy Creation

No matter the Ad format, I have a lot of experience writing Ad Copy that entices users to click. Propely communicating your message is very important

Conversion Tracking / CRO

There are technical and unique code aspects to conversion tracking. It's important to know what users do once they get to your website or app. Clicks, sales, lead form submissions, and call tracking are all actions to monitor.

Conversion Rate Optimization. It's important. It's our main goal. A lot of time, thought, and effort goes into improving the converions your campaign produces.

Cohort / FLoC Analysis

Audience Lists / FLoCs may be used depending on your campaign goals — we want to ensure these are the appropriate users.

It's important to understand the Audiences that are interacting with your Ads.

Competitor Analysis

When your Ads start to knock your competitors out of the first spot on Google, they will react. What's their strategy and how can we best them? What's the competing keyword overlap and how do we compare in the Auction? This data helps to guide Bid Strategy, Keywords, Quality Scores, and other aspects of the campaigns.

 Why Choose Me?

Experienced. Knowledgeable. Personable.

My clients are important to me and I'm selective about the companies with which I work. I strive for a long-term relationship and I've worked with some clients for 15+ years.

Communication is important and I can talk in plain English about the complexities of PPC campaigns. I'll learn about your business and we'll discuss what needs to be done.

You have full access to anything you need in your account and you own your campaign. I do all the work — nothing is outsourced.

My fees are fair and competitive.

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 Fee Structures

Campaign Creation

One-Time Fee

No campaign? No problem. I can create your campaign from scratch and this is a one-time fee. Depending on the amount of Ad Spend, your account will need monthly management or quarterly check-ins as competitors react, the platform changes and updates, etc.

Monthly Management

Billed Monthly

I handle accounts that range in monthly Ad Spend from $1,000 to $40,000. The monthly management fee is a flat rate based on the scope of your account. If the scope changes, the monthly fee changes.


One-Time or Monthly

I work with large advertising agencies to consult on the campaigns they create for their clients. I can consult on a one-time or monthly basis.

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Let's Discuss Your Google Ads™ Campaigns


We'll schedule a phone call to discuss your goals, how you and I can accomplish them together, and discuss estimated pricing.

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