Q: What services do you offer?

A: My three core specialties are WordPress front-end web development, Search Engine Optimization, and Google Ads™. When it comes to building a website and using digital marketing to promote your business, I can develop the best solution for you.

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Q: How long have you been buidling websites?

A: About 23 years; began coding right before high school. But don't worry, my code isn't that old.

Q: How long have you been a SEO Expert?

A: Professionally for 15 years. It's ever changing and I enjoy keeping up with the latest, best practices.

Q: How much does web design & digital marketing cost?

A: It all depends on the goals of the project. I price projects based on the scope of work needed to meet your goals — this way you'll never have to pay for work you don't need, making it the most affordable approach. Please Request a Quote to learn more (the quote is free, the experience, priceless).

Q: What is 'Responsive Web Design'?

A: Responsive web design is a type of web development that allows the website to change (respond) to the screen size of the device the user is using. It eliminates the need to "pinch & zoom" and provides a better UX. It is sometimes referred to as "fluid design" or "mobile-friendly."

Q: What is Link Juice?

A: Link Juice is a (outdated) term used in SEO to describe the value passed to a website's page via other links on the web (both external and internal links).

Nowadays, folks refer to it as 'link equity'

Q: Where do you work?

A: I'm based in Boston — but have great clients across the United States, Canada, and a few in Europe.

Q: Who is chris muzilla?

A: An imaginary character from the mind of Mike Patton. Or, if you prefer a more realistic answer, a Boston based web developer and SEO expert.

Q: What's the best part of writing code?

A: The coffee.

Q: Who are your heros?

A: Dr. Ozone, Ralph Steadman, and Derek Hess.

Q: Is it weird thinking of questions to ask yourself?

A: Hmm, yes, yes it is.

Q: Do you offer web hosting?

A: Nope. But I'll recommend a handful of companies that will meet your needs at a decent cost.

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