Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is Critical

Even the most impressive web site is worthless if no one can find it. Many web development firms can build a pretty website but lack the thorough understanding and experience necessary to truly achieve success with SEO.

10+ Years of SEO Experience

I've been creating SEO campaigns professionally for 10+ years. And I keep up with the latest Google algorithm changes and best practices (pretty much on a weekly basis). My core digital marketing services are front-end design, SEO, and Google AdWords™ — if you hire me, you're not hiring someone who tries to do everything. I'm not a social media guru or e-mail marketing nut job. I'm a specialist.

SEO is the continual, iterative process of producing and maintaining higher placements for your website in organic search results.

White Hat Organic Search Techniques

The techniques used are White Hat only. I strictly follow the guidelines set out by Google, Bing, and Yahoo! for ensuring that the search engines serve up quality search results and that users have the best search experience.

SEO Services & Consulting in Boston

For the past ten years I've been a SEO consultant working in the Boston area — a lot of experience that has taught me the unique challenges of local search and what it means for your business. While a lot of clients are in the Boston area, I do work with company's across the U.S. and a handful in Europe.

Types of SEO Projects & Fee Structures

As a seasoned and professional SEO expert, I understand that not every website's search situation is unique; I offer three options for my SEO consulting and campaign services:

  • Monthly SEO Campaign: A monthly SEO campaign typically runs for 8 to 12 months in order to produce the desired results. This is the most common approach and can lead to great success via e-commerce purchases, lead generation, newsletter sign-ups, and customer engagement. A monthly project fee will be determined based on the scope of work.
  • SEO Project Evaluation: You're interested in SEO but don't know what sort of results to expect or how much to invest. I can prepare a detailed SEO Project Evaluation to provide you with estimates about traffic increases, keyword positioning, and whether or not an active SEO campaign can produce positive ROI. This is a one-time fee.
  • Agency Consulting: I provide SEO consulting services to small and medium sized Advertising Agencies to augment the SEO services they offer their clients. My SEO reports are detailed and always contain actionable items for your clients, not simply "web reporting," but actual SEO analysis and strategy. I currently work with Advertising Agencies in Boston, New York City, and Chicago. Please contact me to discuss availability, pricing, and my affinity for signing NDAs.

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